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Spanish Program

The Centro Chileno Canadiense offers its "Spanish Program for International Students", comprising 6 levels of 36 chronological hours each.

This fundamental program can be adapted to suit the various needs and specific interests of the participants (including areas such as: economy, business, health, education, mining, survival and tourism, to mention some).

Our wide experience with students who speak a variety of mother tongues allows us to ensure effective results, and efficiency in the use of the time allocated to the program.

Our Spanish courses are structured on an individual basis, making it easier for the participant to choose the time of commencement, timetable and the frequency with which classes will be undertaken. A particular class can be cancelled by a student, giving at least 24 hours notice of this intention.

At the time of enrolment, the participants shall take a written examination and an oral interview to determine their language level.

$ 873.800 per level - one student (chilean pesos)
$ 24.000 per chronological hour / $ 26.000 for two participants
$ 9.800 material (text) per level (per student)




Luis Thayer Ojeda Norte 0191 Of. 601, 6° piso. Metro Tobalaba, Providencia
Fono: (56-2) 2334-1090 / (56-2) 2335-3277